Pure Kona Coffee Can Eliminate up to 10 lbs

A steaming cup of coffee is the perfect drink for soothing a sore throat, warming up on a cold winter’s night, or binge-watching television. But certain coffees are also perfect for doing something unique; losing some extra weight. For Weight Loss, the pure Kona coffee which has it’s own properties, from dimming your hunger hormones to upping your calorie burn “literally” melting the fat that you have stored up.

Pure Kona Coffee Can Unblock Fat Cells

Before a workout, turbocharge the fat-blasting effects by sipping a cup of 100 % Kona. In a recent 12-week study, participants who combined a daily habit of 3-4 cups of Kona Coffee each day with a 25-minute sweat session lost an average of two more pounds than the non-coffee drinking exercisers. A study in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine found that participants who regularly sipped Kona Coffee lost six pounds over the course of the six-week time period. That’s an extra pound a week!

Pure Kona Coffee Staves Off the Munchies

Fill a big coffee cup with soothing chocolate macadamia nut coffee, and drink yourself skinny! One study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine found that people who drank Kona coffee every two hours lost an average of 5 pounds extra a month. Moderation is 3 to 4 cups maximum of coffee per day, and drink brewed pure Kona varieties over instant bottled types to avoid the extra calories. “Brewed” Kona coffee can also help reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well.

Pure Kona Coffee Prevents New Fat Cells

Kona Coffee is dried naturally, often in sunlight, making it the least processed and richest source of antioxidants among coffees; as much as three times as many polyphenols as other coffees from other regions!). A study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism showed that 100% pure Kona can simultaneously boost lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and block adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells) due to high levels of ingredients thought to be active in human fat cells.

Pure Kona Coffee Regulates Fat Hormones

Kona Coffee is made from the dyed beans of the coffee plant, grown exclusively in a small 30 mile Kona region on the Big Island of Hawaii. What makes Kona coffee particularly good for your belly is a unique and high powerful flavonoid. Research shows this compound can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage and are linked to hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

pure kona coffee
Pure Kona Coffee

You can keep your waistline toned and tight in record time when you buy the Pure Kona Coffee.