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Best Factory Selection of Kona Coffee Blends

The best of the red ripe cherries are harvested and we pick them individually by hand. Rotating among the Kona trees every 12-14 days, choosing only the best cherries which are at the peak of ripeness. This kind of special attention to the Hawaiian or Kona coffee harvest is labor intensive, and thus more costly to produce. It is the primary method to harvest our Kona Coffee Blends. Making sure, the Ol'Man at every stage repeatedly checks Hawaii Kona Coffee Factory blends for quality and taste.

Kona Coffee Factory has a Sweeter, Smoother Almost Velvet Flavor

Our best beans must now be dried to approximately 12 percent moisture which assure premium blended coffee flavor. Our beans, left with 20% pulp and still encased inside the parchment envelope (the endocarp), are Hawaii sun dried by spreading them on screened bottom drying boxes inside under 80% shade cloth. Gently turned day and night to maintain even temperature. Leaving pulp on requires constant turning but the results for our Hawaii Coffee Factory fans is a sweeter, smoother almost velvet flavored blend. We take a lot more time and add a little more Aloha to create the world finest coffee blends.

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Hawaii Coffee Factory Expert Blended Coffee Tasting

This the best part of process and is referred to as 'cupping' and takes place in a room next to the sorting room specifically designed to facilitate the process. First, the Hawaii Kona Coffee Factory taster "usually called the cupper" carefully evaluates the flavored coffee beans for their overall visual quality. Our Kona flavored coffee's are not only analyzed this way for their inherent characteristics and flaws, but also for the purpose of blending different Kona or Hawaii coffee beans and determining the proper roast. Our experts can taste many samples of Hawaiian flavored coffee blends a day and still taste the subtle differences between the Hawaiian blend and the Kona blends.

Kona Flavored Coffee Blends

Best 100% Kona : Coffee Blends Perfectly Roasted

Best Kona Coffee blends from the Ol'Man, a master roaster with over 100 hundred years of family roasting experience. Working from some of America's oldest known coffee blend recipes the Ol'Man produces Kona's best blended coffee. That's not all, using the same family approach the Ol'Man also creates Hawaiian masterpiece coffee flavors. One of a kind hawaii coffee blends bliss from the oldest active Master Coffee Roaster, The Ol'Man!

Kona Coffee cured with the best Real Chocolate, Vanilla, Nuts and Berries

The Ol'Man's gift is his flavored coffee blends although it may be the old family recipes he keeps lock in the safe. The Ol'Man magically infuses more real rich Chocolate, Vanilla, fresh Strawberry, Hazelnut, Coconut and Macadamia Nut flavors into to his coffee. He says it's the special 20% sweet pulp left on the beans that infuses the all natural berries, nuts and chocolate in fermentation.

The best red ripe are picked on Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. Dried in the Hawaiian sun to the peak of sweetness. All coffee beans are hand sifted and roasted fresh for orders that arrive by each Monday.

Best blends with near perfect flavor infusion and pesticide free, what are you waiting for?

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